Personal and Professional Coaching


About Coaching

Coaching can be a beneficial service to help you achieve your desired personal and/or professional goals. How? You may find that goals are just simply easier said than done, even for the most ambitious individuals. Some of you may feel you’re stuck in a rut and want some help to explore and reset yourself or explore potential directions. Others may be invested in gaining self-awareness and sharpening your “softer” skills that could enhance your competitive advantage at work as you climb up the corporate ladder or own your business.

Through our collaborative meetings, we may discuss relevant issues tailored to your needs. For example, your internal and external barriers, awareness of blindspots, strategies to overcome challenges, problem solving, and most importantly taking achievable steps along the way. Support, encouragement, and motivation can also help you to stay on track and be held accountable.

Personal Coaching (e.g. life coaching, health/wellness)

Individuals may choose to seek coaching services for a variety of reasons. Some people may be in the midst of a life transition (e.g. midlife crisis, empty nest), have experienced a significant event (e.g. divorce, in between jobs, move), or simply feel as though they are living life on a hamster wheel. With a coach, these individuals may examine their present state in life and explore potential directions to take that may lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful sense of life.

Others may seek health/wellness coaching services with hopes of incorporating behavioral changes to improve health, live a healthy lifestyle, or work toward other lifestyle goals. Health/wellness coaching may also help you to manage health issues by overcoming your challenges and strategizing ways to change behaviors and make healthy choices as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Oftentimes, individuals find that working with a coach help put ideas into action by breaking the cycle of procrastination and self-doubt, being held accountable to begin taking small steps, and feeling supported and encouraged to step outside one’s comfort zone. Whatever your goals may be, we tailor our services to fit your needs and work together toward your desired outcomes.

Professional Coaching (e.g. leadership, organizational issues, branding)

Individuals may choose to seek professional coaching to enhance leadership skills and emotional intelligence, improve their areas in need of development, and/or to work more effectively with interpersonal and organizational challenges. Others may find themselves facing a pattern of similar challenges or negative feedback, and are interested in exploring the roots of these issues and making positive changes. Other goals for professional coaching may include transitioning from peer/colleague to manager, exploring career changes, developing a unique brand for yourself or business to set yourself apart from others, and managing your professional image.